Friday, July 22, 2016

day eleven

day eleven wasn't a great day, I ended up feeling really sick and had to go to the dorms to lay down in the middle of my elective :( I feel better today though so that's good.  Also my roommate bought me Chinese food when I felt better so that was sweet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 10

I went bowling today, I'm going to try to add pictures tomorrow while at the hub to make this post better because I got a bunch of great ones. I played with Alisha, Destanie, Alley, and Katie. Also with  Tony, who's like an amazing bowler?? aka he won both times with Alisha as a close second. I really enjoyed the time bowling, I really want to go again. I'm actually planning to go home and bowl because I had so much fun.

this is my speech from class, I'm using it as my day nine post because it meant a lot to me.

going beyond the door

the vast unknown lied behind the door, there was no telling what one would be met with once it was open, each day, opening the door would be the biggest task, the most frightening obstacle. Did I dare cross over the boundary where my anxiety started and wouldn't end until I stepped back through the imaginary sanctuary from I had made my room in my mind. I built up this wall in front of the door, my comfort lied here, between these four walls, and it lied there for years. My room, my only safe place from the world. My anxiety had gotten to a really bad point to which I wouldn't leave unless I really had to. I was scared of the world and the unknown it held. I realized that living and being alive are two different things, and that if I wanted to make the most of my teenage years I would have to do what scares me the most, breaking the hold the door had. I started with just getting out more, going to my friends, joining color guard, and doing everything I could to not be home, and slowly i realized the power of the door only existed in my mind, and thought sometimes the world will still spike my anxiety of what lies ahead of the door, I believe in going beyond the door.

Day Seven-
Sunday was spent sleeping, not having to get up till lunch was very nice, and believe me I didn't move until I actually had to. Also this day was the day of the Olympics. Which was okay I guess, I didn't really have a personal interest in it but I enjoyed the music and being with my team.
Day Six-
Went to the STEAM Academy and painted lockers to look like books :) they also had groups paint doors white and paint the entrance area. people were very creative and it also was very hot because the school air conditioner wasn't working properly. But it was really fun to have creative control on the books being put on the locker and the colors used. 

Day Five-
We went to the Gallery Hop, walked around, got ice-cream ( and for some, just cones) and enjoyed the work of Lexington.
We also went to the art institute and had a few things about the arts there, including Chinese writing with Grace and TingTing, photography printing, and a tour of the institute. It was a very nice time. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Three, Week Two, Day Eight

Today was the baseball game, where i spent all of my time with my roommate and best friend, Destanie. We walked around and commented on how attractive the players were mostly, not so interested in the game. I bought a small white baseball bat and took a bunch of videos and pictures for my editing project for my youtube.
Day Four-

We had our first steelpan drum class, here's the link to the song we're performing:
and on the drums:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Three, Week One, Day Three

Day Three, the start of classes. My favorite was the Photographic Literacy. We had to pull a photography rule from a hat and use it to take photos for the rest of class, mine was "making engaging composition with reflections."

Using this rule i was able to come up with some neat photos.

After a very good lunch a bowman's den we had sessions at the hub, which talked about the different things the library offered, including talking about my favorite thing ever. video editing.  that was the best thing i could ever hear about, just because thats in my field of my ideal career.

I could edit videos forever, its the only thing i find that i don't get bored with, i am actually working on a video project for myself, using an app called camcord which gives the video an old-time feel.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Three, Week One, Day Two

June 12th.

day two was fun, we went to the Johnson center and played cornhole and did a yoga class. for lunch we ate at the ninety, which is way different than any other year because of the good ole commons that we originally ate at the past two years. I liked the choice, being able to eat different places like a student would be able to. Plus the French restaurant makes a great chicken sandwich😋. Though I didn't have time to eat the past two days and ended up taking the food with me two our afternoon activities. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

we then went upstairs of the building to the classrooms to get started on a game of amazing race, which was rained out. But hey, what can ya do. Instead we played the circle game, which really should be called oval because of how many more kids we have. The discussion at the end of the game was very deep, especially from a young man who really had a deep passion about what we were talking about, every time he would talk, the room would get quiet, he captured everyone's attention and received an uproar of a applause each time. It was actually really nice to hear not only his, but everyone's opinions on the subjects being discussed.

the day ended with a trip to Kroger, which was hilarious. My roommate/bestfriend walking around and hysterically laughing at the most randomest of things with our new friend Harper.

It was a really nice day.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The beginning of Summer Three, Week 1, Day 1.

June 11th, 2016

Here we are, my third year of Gear-Up. You know, if it hadn't been for my gear-up teacher pushing me write the letter, I wouldn't have signed up for the program my freshman year. I didn't think I was good enough to go, I didn't think that I would be able to talk to new people being the quiet girl I was. I'm glad I had showed a bit of desire to go and the teacher pushed me to go ahead and try. I have had a great time here the past two summers I've came. Not only when I got in, did it show me that I need to learn to trust myself, but when I actually got here and was thrown in with a bunch of other kids, that I forced myself to do more than what I thought I could actually do. Sure the past two camps haven't been perfect, but that's also the truth of life that nothing ever is. But what I do know is that  Through this program I've actually found out I have more of a shot a college than I thought, because i'm an average b student and we didn't have much money so I didn't think I would qualify for many scholarships or be able to get much financial aid because my mom made "too much money." I also started to think about other options that didn't involve college at all. but in fact, I've found out that college will be the right path for me. That I will be able to survive on my own without my anxiety holding me back from making friend and asking questions and experiencing college to better my future.

I can't not wait to see what these next few weeks have in store for my peers and I, thought I know I will complain about some of the walking every night with my roommate, or be stressed out over an assignment, the overall joy i will have knowing I've completed another successful three weeks at the camp I never thought I'd get into as a freshman, to where I am now as upcoming senior, will be worth it.