Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Three, Week One, Day Three

Day Three, the start of classes. My favorite was the Photographic Literacy. We had to pull a photography rule from a hat and use it to take photos for the rest of class, mine was "making engaging composition with reflections."

Using this rule i was able to come up with some neat photos.

After a very good lunch a bowman's den we had sessions at the hub, which talked about the different things the library offered, including talking about my favorite thing ever. video editing.  that was the best thing i could ever hear about, just because thats in my field of my ideal career.

I could edit videos forever, its the only thing i find that i don't get bored with, i am actually working on a video project for myself, using an app called camcord which gives the video an old-time feel.

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  1. I also enjoyed the photo lit exercise! Keep up the good work.