Wednesday, July 20, 2016

this is my speech from class, I'm using it as my day nine post because it meant a lot to me.

going beyond the door

the vast unknown lied behind the door, there was no telling what one would be met with once it was open, each day, opening the door would be the biggest task, the most frightening obstacle. Did I dare cross over the boundary where my anxiety started and wouldn't end until I stepped back through the imaginary sanctuary from I had made my room in my mind. I built up this wall in front of the door, my comfort lied here, between these four walls, and it lied there for years. My room, my only safe place from the world. My anxiety had gotten to a really bad point to which I wouldn't leave unless I really had to. I was scared of the world and the unknown it held. I realized that living and being alive are two different things, and that if I wanted to make the most of my teenage years I would have to do what scares me the most, breaking the hold the door had. I started with just getting out more, going to my friends, joining color guard, and doing everything I could to not be home, and slowly i realized the power of the door only existed in my mind, and thought sometimes the world will still spike my anxiety of what lies ahead of the door, I believe in going beyond the door.

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